Makeup, Croissants and the Military.

Walking into the world of another person is, by far, one of the most interesting parts of my job. In a large way, it can be one of the most fun!

A few weeks ago, I had been contacted by a very kind soul (I could just feel it via FB messenger/text). I gathered right away that she was very put together, full of integrity and eager to do right by everyone involved. Those were important factors to consider, seeing as she was reserving my services for herself and three other women for an important upcoming Military ball.

Upon arriving on base to Mrs. K's address I was immediately welcomed into a world of community. As I walked into her gorgeous and extremely tidy home I was met with all the things you'd hope your home to be: a sweet smell to the air, the feeling of family, full-bodied activity and a sweet set of rules to live by, handwritten in chalk adorning the dining room wall. All the decor was neatly placed, with so much love and attention to detail.

After seeking out where to set up my makeup and hair station I turned around to find the most thought-out spread of baked goods, coffee (Nespresso machine... MUST HAVE!), mimosas, etc. and immediately felt so grateful for her, my job, the opportunity and the appreciation.

One by one, the ladies began to show up and as each stepped into the house, their personalities followed. That alone was exciting and made me smile but what stood out most was the way in which each newcomer was welcomed. It was a sisterhood, a bond and a genuine joy for each to be in the others presence.

As the day unfolded, laughter poured from room to room as they fussed over each other, final plans for the ball and the sweet children they had in tow.

I couldn't help but adore the bustling life of these military spouses and find a deeper pride over what I was there to do and for the life that my own husband lives day to day as a veteran and current government civilian.

Because it really is a 'life', a different world. In its most beautiful form it's one of honor, duty, community, drive and unity. And this doesn't just exist within the Soldiers themselves, it transcends into the hearts and minds of the families they come home to daily. From the warm hugs of the women they love to the most polite answers from the children they raise, in that space anyone would have been welcomed and offered a croissant with a steamy cup of joe.

Hours, coffees and many croissants later (five, I think)... I was finished with this sweet crew.

I'd be remiss if I didn't say everyone of those four had an impact on me. From the kind, educated introvert, to the fun and "va-voom" Mom, the fit-creative to the most wholehearted leader- each one offered me the opportunity to peek into their world, one glammed face at a time and in the end,

I was the most grateful.

Heres to the strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.