Prime[R]- is there a purpose?

Apparently you care about #primer, huh? That means one of three things:

1. You've never used it.

2. You're not totally convinced theres a #purpose in it (really, just another expense?)

3. You're using it but just only because you heard it would make your #makeup look better.

Okay girl, lets iron this one out and get you educated on why its helpful. This way even if you decide to toss it to the side, it can be an educated decision. ( #mamadidntraisenofool)

Fun and games aside, primer (IMO) is a must. Some foundations are built with it in already and if thats the case with yours, run along on your sweet, merry way. This post isn't for you.

Picture an orange. Can you see it?

Let's take a moment to describe its #skin... its texture. Smooth but uneven, textured or maybe sometimes bruised and scarred from being tossed around the fruit truck in the warm Florida sun.

Now lets picture a house. Well, lets picture it being built, rather. You have spent top dollar on the materials being used, the siding or stucco... you've selected all the interior design must-haves to make it perfect. However, the builder looks at you and

says in a know-it-all fashion,

"Of course we are constructing it on this mud plot without a foundation, duh."

Errr, is it just me or is that an obvious 'NO WAY!'?

Perhaps if we were to take a look at primer we can akin it to the veil that would smooth that oranges surface or create the appropriate foundation for those expensive materials being used on your dream home.

Primer is the bridge-way between the #skincare you've used and the makeup you are about to apply. In addition to helping the skincare stay in place on the skin and penetrate more effectively, it also allows for makeup to sit on the surface of the skin and keep from absorbing into the pores.

Scientifically speaking, most primers are created using silicone. Silicone is not able to break down into a particle small enough for your skin to absorb. This also helps for it to remain non-comedogenic (aka... won't break you out!)

The following graphic is a quick 'Primer-101' taken from my #MakeupART101 course curriculum in an attempt to shed some light on the overall purpose and use of makeup primers.

If after reading this you are excited to get your hands on a few to try, why not head to your nearest #Sephora or department store and grab a few samples? I am a huge fan of trying before buying. Especially because I believe in spending quality money on quality products that sit on your face all day long.

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Girl, theres a lot more where this came from.