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Why should I hire Wendy Rae Makeup Design for my wedding day?

Before you cut professional wedding makeup from your wedding budget, please consider why hiring one is necessary!

Sit back, and relax – As a busy bride you will more than likely spend the time before your wedding worrying about every little detail about your special day. A professional makeup artist has one worry – you and your bridal party. Making people look and feel beautiful is what they do, only a professionally trained artist will ensure that you and your party will look and feel your absolute best – especially amidst wedding day chaos.

A photo is forever – A professional makeup artist knows how to make you look great in person and in photos. You need proper skin prep and makeup that will look amazing in both artificial and natural light, and applying the right kind of makeup for photography requires thorough knowledge of the products and techniques of a professional makeup artist

You deserve it – You have worked hard to create the perfect wedding day, why not invest in yourself and get pampered! Spend the day making memories and not worrying about your makeup

Quality products – Quality products are essential when it comes to performance and durability on your wedding day. Considering your wedding day will likely by 16+ hours long, your makeup needs to stand up to the test of ‘wearability’ and longevity – both which depends on your skin type. A professional make up artist only uses quality products and will have the tools and knowledge necessary to select the right products for you!


How far in advance do I need to book? 

The Okanagan is now a wedding destination for couples from all over the world! Approximately 6,000 weddings happen in the Okanagan every year! The sooner you can book the better! 3-12 months in advance is advised, but a year and a half to two years is not out of the norm! Are you last minute? No problem, sometimes there is availability. If not, recommendations on other artists in your area will be made!


What is the difference between traditional and airbrush makeup?

Every type of makeup has it’s own pros and cons. Every makeup artist will have their own opinion on what they prefer to use on their clients. Ultimately, it all depends on your personal preference. If you can’t decide between the two, do a trial with both and see what you’re most comfortable with. Almost 80% of all clients of ours choose and prefer airbrush

Airbrush is a light-weight liquid makeup applied through an air gun and compressor that produces a thin, even layer of makeup in a spraying motion. It is the most HD (high definition) foundation created. The fine mist of color covers the skin and gives the appearance of a flawless complexion. Bri Stein Artistry will mix foundation colors for a perfect blend to match your skin tone. Airbrush is ideal for clients who are not used to wearing makeup or prefer a more natural finish and feel, but it is also great for clients who want medium to full coverage as well. Airbrush makeup is perfect for clients with very dry skin as airbrush does not show the texture of flaky dryness as much as traditional makeup does. Airbrush makeup is sweat, tear and transfer resistant and photographs beautifully. Airbrush makeup is not to be confused with the ever so popular "airbrush" tool used on the program "photoshop" to smooth texture of the skin. Airbrush makeup will even out skin tone, but does not correct texture problems with the skin such as pores, acne, moles, scars etc. Other products will be applied to smooth out the skins texture as much as possible if texture is an issue

Traditional makeup is a Liquid, cream, and/or pressed powder that is usually applied with a sponge, brush or finger tips. Traditional makeup comes in the widest variety of any other makeup, with every shade available. It’s also the most versatile of all the makeup; it can be as basic as a sheer tint of coverage, or combined with other properties to create a makeup that targets specific problems. Most traditional makeup is sweat, tear and transfer resistant. Traditional makeup is ideal for clients who do not have particularly dry skin, or clients that have facial hair as the product can be pressed into the skin


What is a preliminary bridal trial?

A makeup trial is your opportunity to express your vision for your wedding day make-up and work together with your makeup artist to create the perfect look, for your perfect day. Although trials are not necessary for a bridal booking, they are strongly recommended to relieve you of unnecessary stress on your wedding day, this is why they have been included in your package! Your bridal consultation will be 60-120 minutes in length to ensure we achieive your desired look. We also include a set of complimentary lashes for your consultation, so feel free to use your consultation before an event or photographs! We encourage you to put the makeup to the test!

Please note, Bri is currently available for trials Monday through Thursday (except holidays) from 9:00AM - 6:00PM. Dates and times are subject to availability. Please book your consultation at least 2 months in advance

If you'd like to schedule your trial on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, fees may apply. Dates and times are subject to availability. Please book your consultation at least 2-6 months in advance for these in-demand dates


How much time will you need to complete my entire wedding party?

It depends on how organized the wedding party is! Reserve a block of time for each member of the party to get ready and be sure everyone is available and ready to go. Also remember that it will take the about 15 minutes to set everything up, and another 15 minutes to take it all down, so it's best to be on time!

The bride will take approximately 60 mins to complete, and each bridesmaid approximately 30-45 minutes

Please have an open and spacious area with table space available near natural light ready to go for when we arrive!


How much do false lashes cost?

Read all about our lash options here! Here's a quick overview:

Basic False Lashes are available complimentary for those who book a makeup application

Luxury Mink Lashes are available for $20.00, please read more about them here

Advance notice is required for clients wanting Luxury Mink Lashes, subject to availbility


What about touch ups?

All persons in the wedding party should be prepared with touch up essentials! We have you covered!

Touch Up Kits are available for purchase for $10.00

Touch up kits are to keep you looking picture perfect from day right into night!

Each person is responsible for their own touch-up makeup throughout the day. Ensure they have their own lipstick, lipgloss and any other essential makeup items with them if they choose not to purchase a touch up kit


Is the cost of transportation included in my quote?

The fees quoted for the wedding day include travel to your location within the City of Kelowna perimeters; parking charges may apply depending on venue. For out-of-town weddings, please inquire for a travel quote

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Minimum Requrements:

A completed agreement and non-refundable retainer payment required to hold date, no exceptions

A minimum requirement during peak season (May 1st to September 30th) is required to book Bri Stein Artistry

Minimum of Bride plus 3 additional people (excludes Junior makeup application) or equivalent dollar value is required for Friday, Saturday and Sunday bookings

Minimum of Bride plus 5 additional people (excluding Junior makeup applaiction) or equivalent dollar value is required for bookings outside of the immediate Kelowna area

No minimums for Monday to Thursday (unless said date falls on a Holiday) located in the immediate Kelowna area. 



Holiday bookings are subject to a holiday fee

Early Morning Fee for bookings earlier than 7:00AM, please contact for this rate


Additional Body or Tattoo Coverage:

Pricing varies depending on complexity, time required and amount of product. Consultations must be made for anyone requiring makeup for body or tattoo coverage


Adding an Additional Artist:

Starting at $140/extra artist. Minimum 8 person booking; subject to availability

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