Currently based in North Carolina. 

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hey lady!

Welcome babe! FIRSTLY, It's not lost on me that you could be doing anything with your time right now and you've chosen to spend it learning about who I am and what I offer, Thank you!

Simply put, I'm a woman of many passions, my largest being the business Ive developed around helping you see your authentic beauty...

both inwardly and out.

I am a professional freelance Makeup Artist who loves to style hair, Course Creator for women both in and out of the industry, blogger, motivational speaker and transformation coach. My mission is to provide you a luxury based experience, with love. 


I enjoy my family immensely and have worked hard for over a decade to build a life around my passions: Family, Art and Nurturing others. I have two R A D children: a toddler and a teen ( I don't think we thought that through properly... ha ha ha) am married to the love of my life, whom I met at 16 and am a proud veteran's wife of whom is still serving the Department of the Army. 

Im excited you're here! Please take a moment to view all that I offer and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any lingering questions. Additionally, should you want to know more about me besides the awesome "highlight reel" I just showcased,  take a peek at my blog and a few fun facts below. ;) 

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I met my husband at 'Blockbuster Video' when I was 16. We have been together ever since- married four years after meeting. He was in the Military at the time and together we have undergone over 10 moves and seven deployments. We have two awesome kiddos and one crooked-tailed kitty.



I began doing makeup by accident and had a knack for it. I went from behind the counter of Elizabeth Arden on to be published in numerous media outlets and held features on popular television shows for both FOX and CBS.

Read my resume, here.

S E L F-T A U G H T 

 "A multipotentialite is someone with many interests and creative pursuits. Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do. Being a multipotentialite is our destiny." If I had it my way I would be the following:

  • A Makeup Artist

  • Life Coach

  • Teacher

  • Academy Owner

  • Interior Decorator

  • Branding Consultant

  • Graphic Designer

  • Full-Time Blogger

  • Author

  • Singer

  • Photographer

  • Yogi

  • Food-Critic

  • Energy Healer

  • Psychic Medium/Empath

  • Artist

  • Real Estate Investor

  • Bed and Breakfast Owner...

and "able" or not, I work to find ways of doing all of that anyway!


Welcome to what matters, you!

My name is Wendy and I empower women with tools to

liberate and transform